Aware Marketplace


Aware Marketplace is more than just a conscious boutique carrying all of the latest and greatest trends – it’s the beginning of a lifestyle. We care about WHO makes our products, WHERE our products come from and WHAT they are made of. Aware sprouted from the ideas behind a fashion revolution and slow fashion movement. We saw the flaws in the fashion industry and decided to do something about it.

It is our mission at Aware to not only make better products more accessible, but to be a place of education, community and growth. Being ‘AWARE’ of your consumer behavior is a lifestyle that takes time. Aware will supply the products you need to slowly change your every day life by offering everything from: Home, Clothing, Beauty and Beyond.

Animals and the Earth happen to be two of our most favorite things in the world, which is why all of the products you’ll find at Aware are:

Small Batch
Fair Trade
Or, even Reclaimed