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Lavender Sandalwood Regenerating Conditioner

Designer: Stop The Water

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The perfect conditioner for use with our All Natural Lavender Sandalwood Shampoo – totally free of silicones and made from 100% natural ingredients, it will leave even damaged hair shiny and soft after washing. As well as making your hair much easier to comb, it will pamper and protect it at the same time. Soothing lavender will relax your scalp and prevent skin irritations, while natural sandalwood oil gives your hair a subtle scent.

6.76 oz.

Ingredients: Water, vegetable glycerin, organic alcohol (aqueous-alcoholic rose blossom extract (organic alcohol)), fatty alcohol, glycerol esters of fatty acids, phospholipids, organic coconut oil, isoamyl laurate (vegetable oil mixture), lipids, sunflower oil, organic lavender extract, sandalwood extract, xanthan gum, organic acids from sugar cane and basil, bioactive acid from rice, essential oils, citric acid.