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SOL Throw

Designer: Seek and Swoon

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There's beauty all over the regal, vibrant city of Madrid. But some of the most vivid memories are of that skyline, that sunset, those colors -- bands of orange, yellow, blue and black across the sky, accentuating rooftops, steeples and stars.

Advice from Seek and Swoon - "If you get a chance to visit this city, book a room with a view. You won't regret it."

And you won't regret curling up in the Sol throw until your next, or first, trip to Madrid.

Colors: blue, yellow, burnt orange, black.
Size: 50"x60"
Materials: 75% recycled cotton, 25% polyester.
Care: machine wash cold/cool, tumble dry low/delicate
Designed in Portland, Oregon. Made in the USA.